Saturday, September 21, 2013

Day 4:  How Making Manly Angels Can Be A Kindness

            You see it is very important, if you are a young man who has been commandeered into the "Angel Band" at your upcoming youth night play, that you look dignified, powerful and......manly.  :-)   That was my promise to two of the fellows playing angels next Sunday night.   One of the youth teachers and several of the teenagers have written a play attempting to portray "The Marriage Supper of the Lamb".

             And so, on a very limited budget I am trying to costume (1) The Heavenly Father (quite the task) (2) A heralding angel, with the trumpet of God (3) The Bridegroom, Jesus Christ the Lamb of God, (4) The Bride (beautiful, beautiful)  (5) Two angels, played by girls, who don't mind at all looking lovely, shiny, and ethereal, (6) Two angels, played by younger aged boys, who don't care what I dress them in and (7) Two angels, played by older teen boys, who most decidedly, Do!!

              There's no getting around the "flounce" of the shiny fabric. :-)  However, I hope, by adding metal, weapons and a handcrafted mask, the movement of the cloth won't be as noticeable, and the fellas with feel kindly treated and free to play their dignified, powerful, manly roles...:-)    My son said he admired me for my hard work :-) :-).   I told him it was a pleasure.  :-)  If my children don't admire me, even if everyone else does, then I have failed in that critical point.  I want my babies to admire everyone who deserves it, but I must find a way to head that list.   I must pursue kindness.  I must chase after this aspect of the Heavenly Father,  for it was in His kindness that he sent to this world His......only...begotten...Son.


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