Friday, September 20, 2013

Day 3: ,  Hit the ground running this morning, but was I kind? Can you rush past people in your house, saying time to do this, go there, get that, hurryhurrynow, oh gracious!! we gotta go, go, go, and not be mean...... but still,.... was I kind?    "In loving kindness Jesus came, my soul in mercy to reclaim and from the depths of sin and shame, by grace, he lifted me." That is a line from my Daddy's favorite song.  I would say my Daddy was a very, very kind man. He was also a Korean War Veteran(master seargeant/infantry for 22 months w/honorable discharge in Sept. 1952). When I was a little girl Daddy said once, "Korean children are so very beautiful"..:-)  How do you draw a child to your side?  With Kindness.  Kindness is the essence of Love.  I can do kindnesses and not really love, but I cannot really love without doing kindnesses.
   the Korean word for kindness.  :-)

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