Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Goal and Long--->One Act of Kindness--->(Above Normal)--->Per Fan--->Per Day--->Per Person in Their Family or of Their Acquaintance

    This post will probably be too vague to understand.  It reads a little like a legal document that might intentionally be obscuring the facts......:-)   But, here goes........."Concerning Fans".......If a person is a "casual" fan of any public figure, they may be able to go about their day to day life, pretty much, un-impaired...:-)  Meaning...their family, friends and acquaintances may only have a passing knowledge of their "entertainment personality" preference...p..p...p..:-).  And they take care of all their responsibilities and people, as they should, with only a moderate amount of "fan" activity.

     But......What if a fan's preference consumes a great amount of thought, time, energy and finances, to the exclusion of others and possibly leaving their own families with many unmet needs.   So, how does a fan keep a healthy mindset?   Most entertainment "Persons" seem to care a great deal for the well-being of their fans, and wish for each of them long healthy lives, full of accomplishments and a happy, dream-fulfilling love, beyond what the "Person", themselves, could possibly supply for their fans.   Being just one "Person", ever how wonderful they might be, they could not meet all the life needs of even two of their fan's (much less thousands).  They can only be a husband/wife to one person and they don't need to be any fan's virtual obsession....because that wouldn't be good for the beloved "Person", or the beloved fan.  So what could a fan do to use all the emotional feelings, admiration and affection in a way that is beneficial?

      Lets say, for example,.....If a fan is married, maybe they could do something shockingly unbelievable and resolve to respond to their own husband/wife, like they believe they would respond to their "Person" if their "Person" was legally theirs....:-). They could attempt to forgive and forget past mistakes, while seizing any chance to encourage and strengthen their husband/wife, the way they would expect their "Person's" wife/husband to do.      If a fan were not married, then they might try, to protect the well being of others (family,friends,strangers) with acts of kindness, just as they would for their "Person", if they had the opportunity. Thereby turning, the best of love and affection(in tangible ways)toward anyone they could reasonably help.   I think that would be the kind of fan, an entertainer would be especially proud to have.

     So, should the long term goal of the "Fan/Darling Person" relationship be..........because I love them so dearly, what can I do to help someone today......:-)?

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